Meet Joshua Irvin

Candidate for Kentucky State House of Representatives, 79th District

After being born in Oklahoma, I spent some years across the ocean in Eastern Europe. My parents were both teachers, and after the Iron Curtain fell, my father felt the need to assist those broken countries with Humanitarian Aid. My family made a great sacrifice by leaving the comforts of America, but our mission was to help those who had been decimated by Communist leadership.

I lived some years in a third world country. The only leadership they had known for many years was gone and they struggled to find their position in this world. They were ruined by government spending, government borrowing, and government stealing. The majority of those citizens survived on small gardens and had no promise of being able to prosper in their lives.

Those people would have sacrificed themselves so that their children could have an opportunity at the American dream, but the majority of them will never have that chance. I finished high school in the United States of America, and during that time I realized America was making many of the same mistakes.

I spent two years at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College where I learned the basics in higher education. Peers and Professors urged me to continue, and I finished the following two years at the University of Kentucky where I gained my Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. During my college years, I had the privilege of publishing several fictional books, and won a Humanities Award at the University of Kentucky for my novel.

I made the decision to run for office in 2016, and though still too young for many offices, I joined the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s Environmental Commission, as well as the Fayette County Republicans.

With my passion, initiative, and commitment, I promise I will be better for Kentucky. I will fight for the Kentucky pride, and I will fight for the American dream. Together we can raise our families so that they can say they are proud to be Kentuckians.


Joshua Irvin


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