1st Amendment:

This amendment clearly states that Congress should never force everyone to worship under one religion. Our founding fathers had just separated from England and escaped the Church of England so that they could worship as they pleased.

That is when the next phrase steps in: Congress cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion. Everyone should be able to worship as they please without the government stepping in to force them to go against their religious beliefs. It also gives us the right to peaceably assemble and speak what we believe in.


Pro-Innocent Life–Life begins at conception. It is a human life, and an innocent life. It should be protected just as if it were an innocent human outside of the mother’s womb.


Marriage is a religious institution and should not be a government issue. I believe marriage was a union created by God, and government has no business dictating marriage.


Government is rapidly increasing our spending without any consideration of our national and state debts. This is an issue that should be continually addressed in both federal and state governments.

Governments should be held to the same financial standards as citizens. They should also be held accountable to stop increasing our spending and work on paying off our debt. The government does not have a debt problem, they have a spending problem.

Governments rarely consider cuts to spending, and when they do, they usually make cuts to the areas that are vital to our welfare. It is time that we elect responsible men and women who will listen to the people and vote to better our welfare, not better their own agendas.

Medical Liability:

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) rates the medical liability climate in Kentucky as 47th most adverse out of the 50 states. Kentucky needs medical liability reform legislation that will make Kentucky’s Healthcare system better.

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